We are proud to partner with AmerisourceBergen, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, and the Elevate Provider Network℠ to provide network members with built-in access to two of the industry’s most popular patient software tools: The Patient Engagement Center and Pharmacy Now.

To start activation, we need to execute a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) between our companies and collect some basic information about your pharmacy. Please take a moment to complete the combined BAA and Data Authorization Form by clicking on your your Dispensing System. If you have questions at any time, please email us or call us at 800-960-8147.


  • Track your up-to-the-day scores on Star Ratings medication use measures – for all Medicare patients.
  • Easily identify patients that are underperforming – negatively impacting your score – and engage them to improve their medication use.
  • Instantly fax physicians for medication use interventions.
  • Clearly show your staff the patients due into the pharmacy matched with other services available for that patient.
  • Conduct MTM with one-click access to MirixaProSM

How It Works

  • Your patients and their prescriptions are uploaded into our cloud-based solution.
  • PrescribeWellness displays your pharmacy information in a user friendly, intuitive way to help you run your business.
  • Your data is updated nightly with that day’s activities.

Pharmacy Growth Upgrade

Upgrade to our Pharmacy Growth module at a discounted price. Our flagship module allows you to deliver timely and relevant information with a personal feel without hiring additional staff. It has proven effective at improving customer loyalty, patient adherence, and your pharmacy’s profitability.

StarWellness Upgrade

Upgrade to our StarWellness module at a discounted price. Med Sync has proven to simplify life for patients and improve operational efficiency for the pharmacy. Our refined software process – combined with our experience in managing patient communications – makes it easier than other Med Sync tools to identify, recruit, conduct, and sustain patients on their medication regimen. Improve patient adherence and Star Ratings with StarWellness.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and Data Authorization Form

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